Not Right For Richard Sherman to be Criticized for Media Day Answer

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s girlfriend is expected to give birth to their son in Arizona any day now. When questioned about whether he would miss the Super Bowl if the baby comes Sunday, Sherman answered, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”sherman1

Many people are criticizing Sherman for even thinking about missing the big game.

Sherman is in a “no-win” situation. If he plays in the Super Bowl and misses the birth of his son, he will be viewed as selfish for putting the limelight of the Super Bowl ahead of his family. By choosing to witness the birth of his child over playing in the Super Bowl, Sherman will be viewed as a bad teammate for not being there on the game’s biggest stage.

I have heard some say that as long as Sherman’s girlfriend is ok with him missing the game, he should play in the Super Bowl. This is easy to say when you can view the situation from afar.

Pardon the Interruption’s Michael Wilbon pointed out that today’s generation is different than when he was born. Wilbon said a father’s job was to work and that his father was nowhere near the hospital during his birth. Over the years, the role of the father during childbirth has changed.

Today, fathers are a huge part of a baby’s delivery. They go in the delivery room and are a huge emotional support to the mother while giving birth. Father’s are even offered to cut the umbilical cord. Needless to say, being there to witness the birth of a child is a life changing event filled with memories that will always remain.

Vivid memories still fill my mind with the birth of my three children who are now 11, 9, and 4. I am often asked to tell my children about my delivery room experience and my first memories of them as I was the first person to hold them other than the doctors and nurses. Nobody can ever take these experiences away from me. I can’t image not being there even if I was a star athlete.

The Seahawks are playing in their second consecutive Super Bowl after defeating the Denver Broncos last year. Sherman already has a Super Bowl to his credit and will only turn 27 in March. There is a good chance Sherman will play in another Super Bowl before his career is over if he were to miss this one.sherman2

Over the years, some players have missed the birth of a child while others missed a game to be there when the baby was born. Sherman might be the only NFL player ever facing the possibility of missing a Super Bowl due to the birth of a child.

Athletes in other sports face this dilemma all the time.

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson had already stated he would leave the 1999 U.S. Open at any time if his wife went into labor with his first child. He had chartered a flight and had it all gassed up and ready to fly from North Carolina, sight of the U.S. Open, back to Arizona to be with his wife. Mickelson blew a one shot lead with three holes and came in second to Payne Stewart before flying home and heading to the hospital the next day for the birth of his first child, Amanda. mickelson

While Mickelson plays an individual sport, he had already predetermined leaving the U.S. Open no matter what place he was in if his wife was headed to the hospital. This is one of the main reasons Mickelson is my favorite golfer. To him, family always comes first.

I hope Sherman does not have to choose between his family and profession. If he does have to choose, I will respect any choice Sherman makes although I believe he would gain a great deal of respect from those who view him as a thug and outspoken if he were to choose family over football.

And that’s as I see it!

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