Day After Super Bowl Should Be Declared a National Holiday

The NFL has long overtaken baseball as America’s favorite sport.

The Super Bowl is the biggest television event on a yearly basis. Over the years, viewers have moved from football fans only to include family members with no interest in the sport.

With the game starting at 6:30 pm EST, young school-aged kids may have to go bed early in order to have enough rest for school. This is one of the main reasons the day after the Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday starting in 2016 when the 50th Super Bowl is commercial 1

Over the years, Super Bowl commercials have become increasingly entertaining and a reason for non-football fans to tune in to the big game. Advertisers are willing to pay 4.5 million for a 30 second ad to run during the Super Bowl. These ads produce some very interesting commercials which cause even non-football fans to tune in for the entire game despite having no interest in who actually wins the Super party

Parties are another ritual for the Super Bowl game. Families and friends host parties all over the world. In addition to enjoying some fine cuisine, there is quite a bit of alcohol consumption taking place at these parties. When work comes the next day, there are an inordinate amount of individuals calling in sick because they are hung over from the night before. This is another reason why the day after the Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday.

The biggest game wagered on each year is the Super Bowl. Even non-football fans partake in football squares or placing bets on the game in hopes of a quick and luxurious pay day. Even if these people are not drinkers, they are still up late watching the game before traveling home or cleaning up after hosting the party.

Of course, there would be no need to declare the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday if the game were moved to Saturday or even earlier in the day.

The NFL is all about tradition and would never consider moving the game to earlier in the day as it was years ago or moving the game to Saturday. Therefore, millions of Americans and people around the world would love to see the day after the Super Bowl declared a national holiday.

Celebrations are similar to holidays and people should not have to worry about leaving a party early or rushing home after the game. Rather, they should be able to enjoy the postgame interviews and even the postgame television show that is always outstanding.

This year, The Blacklist gets that coveted post Super Bowl audience as it kicks off a two-part episode before moving to Thursdays later in the week. However, if you must get to bed after the game due to work in the morning and are forced to DVR the episode, be sure not to hang out by the water cooler at night. You may overhear details of the episode from coworkers who dared to stay up late and watch the episode.blacklist

And that’s…as I see it!

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