Manziel Does the Right Thing Checking Into Rehab

Quarterback Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns checked himself into rehab today. There is no word as to why he chose to enter rehab, but a big part of it seems to be to sort out his life as much as any issues with alcohol.manziel party

A few days ago, I wrote about how Manziel needs to make major changes in his life so he doesn’t find himself out of the league quicker than you can say Tebowing. Apparently, those within Manziel’s inner circle felt the same way.

While nobody knows how long Manziel plans to stay at the rehab facility, I believe it is a move in the right direction and is better to do now than later. Maybe Manziel will get the help he needs during the month of February and come out a new man in time for March Organized Team Activities.

I have never been to rehab myself, but I do know a great deal of time is spent sharing and listening to stories about other’s struggles with addictions. Maybe Manziel just needs some clarity from rehab counselors and strangers about how he is allowing his life to spiral out of control.

In my opinion, Manziel’s addiction is more to fame and hanging out in the limelight with other celebrities than it is to alcohol. He has been a popular figure in the public eye now for three years during which time he has made many poor choices while out enjoying the club party scenes. He never took the time to slow down between his college life and entire rookie season. manziel celebrity

Many said Manziel  showed a lack of preparation and commitment during his rookie season. He was not prepared in his start against Cincinnati and was said to call the wrong plays at times. Furthermore, he partied a lot and showed up late to numerous team meetings which led to fines from the Browns’ organization.

Some college athletes make the move to the pros with ease. They savor the opportunity and will do whatever it takes to have a long and successful career. There are also the Johnny Manziel’s of the world who are not mature enough to handle becoming instant millionaires and the fame that comes with it.manziel celebrity 2

The Browns have an important decision to make in regards to the quarterback position for the 2015 season. Do they resign free agent Brian Hoyer or hand over the keys to Manziel? I believe the Browns’ owners and coaching staff are supportive of Manziel and want to see him succeed.

Manziel also has a close relationship with his parents who must be supportive of their son, but also demonstrate tough love. They can’t tell him everything will turn out fine. Instead, Manziel’s parents must make him see that his career could end in the blink of an eye unless major changes are made in his commitment to the sport and his preparation throughout the year.

If Manziel doesn’t get it after he leaves rehab, I don’t know if he ever will.

And that’s…as I see it!

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