Depressed Spouses Return to their Marriage After NFL Season

For the first time since early September, an NFL game will not be taking place this weekend causing marriages to turn off the pause button and live a normal life again. No longer will marriages be interrupted until next football season.pillow

Baseball might be referred to as America’s pastime, but football is more beloved by the American culture. Hence, the establishment of the NFL Network for football junkies like myself to get their fix.

While I do enjoy following the NFL Combine, offseason team activities, and the NFL Draft, there is nothing like tuning into a meaningful football game.

My Sundays normally consist of watching the NFL Network before the 1:00 games begin as I make last minute changes to my fantasy lineups. If the Cowboys are on at 1, they are my game of choice. I flip to the Redzone Channel during commercials and primarily throughout all of the  4:00 games. football1

Depending on the matchups, I will normally watch the Sunday Night game as well. At the very least, I will flip from television shows I am watching to the Sunday Night games for frequent updates. Basically, football primarily runs from 9 am to 11:30 pm each week in my household

Of course, there are also Thursday and Monday night games to watch each week as well. On average, I figure I watch 12-15 hours of actual NFL football each week.

My wife will be so happy to get those hours back each week. I can see her already planning what household chores or errands I can run with the new found hours to our schedule now that the NFL season is complete.

The sad thing is that my schedule is the norm rather than the exception when it comes to the NFL. Many men, and women for that matter, spend numerous hours watching the NFL each week.

It helps when you have a spouse who will watch football with you. I can get my wife to follow Cowboys’ games with me, but she normally goes upstairs to watch tv, plays with our daughter, or will do chores around the house.

My wife is extremely understanding of my passion for football, but not all spouses are like that. Some spouses do not like playing second fiddle to a sporting event. wedding

Other spouses may not like watching football or get angry when their spouse spends so much time doing so. They would much prefer spending free time with friends or using charge cards at the mall.

Football fan or not, the season is over and individuals will need to start finding other ways to spend their Sundays. Family trips, Sunday drives, shopping trips, and yard work are just a few of the things spouses can do together again until this September when the cycle starts all over again. sunday drive

Cheers to rekindled relationships and babies that arrive in ten months. Just don’t let the baby be born on  Sunday.

And that’s…as I see it!

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