Syracuse Orange Should Not Be Allowed to Impose Self-Ban

syracuseLet me start out by saying I grew up a Syracuse basketball fan and have followed the team for 35 years. However, there is no way the NCAA should allow a school to try and get out in front of possible sanctions by creating a self-imposed postseason penalty.

Yesterday, Syracuse self-imposed a ban on themselves for all postseason tournaments this season based on past violations. Current NCAA rules do not prevent a school from banning themselves from postseason play.

Supposed violations date back to 2007 and are rumored to involve three former players and the school drug policy. More recently, there were academic violations with former players Fab Melo and James Southerland.

Syracuse sits at 15-7 this year with a tough schedule down the stretch. Many, including myself, believe Syracuse chose this year for the self-imposed ban because they were on the bubble for making the NCAA tournament.

Regardless, this is wrong for many reasons.

Why is Syracuse waiting until February 4 to self-impose a ban for this year’s postseason when their final game is March 7 against N.C. State?

I feel badly for senior center Rakeem Christmas. He is having an outstanding senior season and his draft stock has risen immensely. Yet, he just learned he will not play in the postseason including the ACC Tournament. christmas

If Syracuse had self-imposed a postseason ban last offseason, Christmas would have had the choice to transfer to another school or stay at Syracuse.

Waiting until the upcoming offseason to impose a postseason ban could have hurt the future of the program. Like Christmas this year, Trevor Cooney and Michael Gbinje would have had the chance to transfer or remain at Syracuse. Incoming recruits could have possibly de-committed and ruined what is expected to be a great incoming freshman class.cooney

The NCAA needs to change the rule and not allow schools the opportunity to self-impose bans for violations incurred before the NCAA hands down stiffer penalties.

There is still a strong chance the NCAA can administer further sanctions to Syracuse including fining the university and loss of scholarships. gbinije

The Orange should have just waited to see what kind of penalties the NCAA handed out to them. Instead, they let down their current players and students.

And that’s…as I see it!

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