Joseph Randle’s Latest Off-field Incidents Might Be Good For DeMarco Murray’s Future in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys’ running back Joseph Randle was cited with a ticket for Marijuana possession on Tuesday, February 3 in a Wichita, Kansas hotel room. In addition, 911 was called to report a domestic violence disturbance at the hotel where Randle was staying.

As of today, the good news for Randle is the drug charges have been dropped due to inconsistencies in stories relayed by witnesses at the scene. The bad news is the domestic violence call has led to Randle’s ex-girlfriend asking a Kansas court to issue a protective order against him.

This is the second negative interaction with law for Randle since October when he was caught stealing some underwear and a bottle of Gucci cologne. I am not sure why someone who makes $540,000 a year would need to steal these items, but I believe it just shows a lack of maturity and judgment on Randle’s part.randle

The domestic violence claim is still being investigated against Randle and could result in a six-game suspension for a first-time offender under the new NFL domestic violence policy.

While everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, preliminary reports do not sound good for Randle.

Dalia Jacobs, Randle’s ex-girlfriend and mother to his two children, is stating Randle has been both physically and verbally abusive to her.

On Monday, February 3rd, Jacobs says Randle argued with her in front of one of their children and threatened to take that child away from her. It was stated a friend of Jacobs then took their son to his car and buckled him in the car seat.

If what is reported next truly happened, Randle won’t have to worry about a six game suspension if he is found guilty of domestic violence. The Cowboys will probably release him from the team.

Supposedly, Randle followed Jacobs’ friend outside and grabbed a gun from his car before pointing it at the friend.

In her restraining order, Jacobs wrote, “He told me at this point that he was going to ‘blast the vehicle.” She claims Randle then broke Jacobs’ friend’s car window with his fist, causing glass to shatter across the couple’s son and her friend.

So how does Randle’s situation affect DeMarco Murray? murray

Well, first off, there has been talk that Randle’s running style is similar to Murray and that he  could run for over 1200 yards next year behind the excellent offensive line of the Cowboys.

Randle’s salary is much cheaper than Murray will command on the open market and the Cowboys could use that extra money to sign wide receiver Dez Bryant and key defensive free agents.

How can the Cowboys trust Randle after the latest allegations? His lack of maturity and poor judgment will put the Cowboys in a tough predicament if they depend on him to be their lead back and he is forced to miss games due to further troubles down the road.

Those within the Cowboys’ inner circle have said the team already has an amount they are willing to pay Murray and Randle’s situation will not affect the offer they make to Murray.

I beg to differ.

Sure the Cowboys could go out and sign a free agent running back like the Saints’ Mark Ingram or take their chances on Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon falling to them at number 27 in the 2015 draft, but the Cowboys have preached continuity with their system.

If they don’t sign Murray, their next best option from strictly a football standpoint would be Randle who was extremely effective in relief for Murray this year rushing for 343 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a 6.7 average per carry.

Yet, Randle’s troubles are too much for the Cowboys to depend on him as their full-time back. They have a very short window of roughly three years to win a Super Bowl before quarterback Tony Romo retires and the Cowboys are forced to reload with a new quarterback. romo

Can the 2015 Cowboys afford to let Murray go and rely on a rookie running back or free agent who has to come in and learn the system? Romo has already stressed the importance of resigning Murray.

That is the question owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett must decide when free agency begins.jerry and jason

The Cowboys must be creative and find ways to keep both Murray and Bryant if they are to build on this year’s success. Continuity is important as the Cowboys play a tougher schedule next year based on winning the NFC East this season.dez1

And that’s…as I see it!

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