Lillard Where He Belongs After Replacing Griffin in NBA All-Star Game

Portland Trail Blazers’ point guard, Damian Lillard, has been chosen to replace the injured Blake Griffin in this year’s NBA All-Star game. This will be Lillard’s second straight all-star appearance. lillard

Before being added to this year’s all-star game, Lillard’s exclusion was being viewed as one of the biggest snubs in NBA history which begs the question, What changes can the NBA make to all-star voting so deserving players are not left out of the game?

In the current NBA all-star format, 100% of the fan votes is used exclusively for starting lineups. Voting by league coaches selects the reserves to round out the lineups.

If an injured player is voted in by fans like Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was this year, the NBA commissioner selects the player who will be added to the team and the all-star coach selects which of the reserves will be moved into the starting lineup.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, did not feel comfortable choosing Bryant’s replacement between Lillard and Demarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings so he deferred to the next player on the voting by coaches. Cousins had more votes than Lillard so he took Bryant’s place on the Western Conference roster. cousins

Western Conference voting by coaches seemed to give credit to players for past performances.

While Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the NBA’s top players, he has missed a significant part of the season due to injury. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs has put up less than stellar numbers compared to other all-stars this year as well as other players who were not selected. The Thunder and Spurs would both miss the playoffs this year if the season ended today. durant

I strongly believe a player’s name should be removed from all-star voting once he is shut down for the season as was the case with Bryant.

The NBA commissioner should declare a player must have played a certain number of games to be considered for inclusion in the NBA all-star game. Durant may have missed this year’s game, but he does not need to play in the all-star game to prove he and Lebron James are the league’s two best players.

If players like Duncan continue to be voted in by coaches despite less than stellar performances, the commissioner should be able to veto that player and replace him with a more deserving player based on stats and team performance in the standings. Duncan is a future Hall of Famer, but the league is filled with so many young and exciting players who deserve their chance to compete in the NBA all-star play if their stats are worthy. duncan

I am glad Lillard will be playing in this year’s all-star game, but he should have been on the team in the first place. Let’s hope the commissioner steps up to make the necessary changes so the most deserving players are selected each year.

And that’s…as I see it!

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