Trying to Make Sense of Rumored Dez Bryant Video

By now, many of you who follow sports closely have heard about the alleged video taken from a Wal-Mart surveillance tape in 2011 that involves Dallas Cowboys’ receiver, Dez Bryant.dez

Details of a police report made that day in 2011 are sketchy. What we do know is that an unknown person called the police to explain that a black female was being dragged from a Merceded registered Dez Bryant to another vehicle.

A Wal-Mart security guard told police he walked up to the Mercedes which still open with a child’s toy on the ground, but nobody was in or around the vehicle. A few minutes later, two men pulled up in an Escalade registered to Dez Bryant stating they were asked to pick up the Mercedes. Shortly therafter, another car with Dez Bryant and the alleged female victim arrived in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The female explained she had an argument with an individual named Alex Penson and that they just had an argument and she was not injured in anyway. The female explained she contacted Bryant and he picked her up at a friend’s house.

After hearing the explanations, the responding officer determined there was no offense and let everyone exit the premises.

The problem arises with this video. Does it exist or is this just a game to get in the head of Dez Bryant?

Last November, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media shared police were called to the home of Bryant six times in the previous months, but each time there appeared to be nothing to warrant police involvement. If you add up this video surveillance that has been rumored to be ten times worse than the Ray Rice incident, you can see why the Dallas Cowboys are hesitant to sign Dez Bryant to a long-term contract that guarantees him a great deal of money.

Whether the video exists or not, there are still so many unknowns. Supposedly, the Cowboys and TMZ are bidding for the video that we are told is being shopped by two of Bryant’s ex-friends who are trying to get revenge upon him.

While we have not seen the video, it is obvious people want us to believe Bryant was the black male dragging the alleged female from her Mercedes. If so, shame on Bryant. However, let’s not forget this rumored incident occurred before Bryant’s alleged domestic violence incident with his mom that was later dropped and no charges were filed.

Bryant was a troubled 22-23 year old in those days. Since then, he has attended anger management and worked with a person hired by the Cowboys to be with him 24-7 so no further incidents occur.

If there is indeed a tape from 2011 and Bryant dragged the female victim, he should no be suspended for any amount of time. Commissioner Roger Goodell would have to view that incident based on the 2011 player conduct policy. Maybe a fine is in order with a league-mandated community service time and completion of further anger management and domestic violence counseling. Goodell should meet with Bryant and let him know a further domestic violence offense would automatically count as Bryant’s second violation of the league’s code of conduct policy and he would be subject to that penalty.

Dez, this is up to you. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. Just make sure you always make good choices and you should never have to deal with any disciplinary issues from the league.

And that’s…as I see it!

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