Strong Allegations Made against Tiger Woods

Former professional golfer, Dan Olsen, has gone on record as saying Tiger Woods has been suspended for a month by the PGA Tour. Olsen said he was told this by a credible source although the information this person received was not first-hand.

Olsen’s claims are being strongly refuted by the PGA Tour and Tiger’s agent. It is also important to note that the PGA Tour rarely comments on disciplinary matters, but is obligated to report a suspension if it is due to performance enhancing drugs which is what Olsen is suggesting.

“It’s not testosterone, but it’s something else,” Olsen said. “I think when it’s all said and done, he’s gonna surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy.”

Olsen didn’t stop there. He also went on to discuss the Nike balls used by Woods calling them “cheater balls”. Obviously, these “cheater balls” haven’t helped Woods on the golf course since his last tour win was the Bridgestone Invitational in August of 2013.tiger

Woods is currently on a self-imposed sabbatical from golf after withdrawing during the first round of the Farmer’s Insurance Open last month when his golf game resembled that of individuals who go out to golf for fun.

Before finishing his interview with 730AM The Game in Lansing, Michigan, Olsen reiterated how mindblowing the news will be about Woods.

“They’re not even going to remember the women,” Olsen said, referring to the personal scandal Woods endured in 2009 which led to a divorce from his wife. “The women are going to take a distance second place. You’re gonna talk about him with Lance Armstrong.”

Those are some pretty strong allegations coming out of Olsen’s mouth.

At first thought, I take him to be a former PGA Tour player who has only played one full year on tour and is jealous of the success Woods has achieved throughout his illustrious career. However, Olsen can be sued for libel if what he is saying is untrue.

Who knows what to believe. The truth will come out eventually. The PGA Tour is not the same without Tiger competing, but he has been surpassed by many golfers, 61 to be exact, based on his 62 in the Official World Golf Rankings posted on February 9, 2015.

The sport’s world needs another scandal like a person needs a Mr. Miagi kick to the face. People either love Tiger or they hate him. If he did indeed use performance enhancing drugs and a “cheater ball” then he will lose all his fans. Having the greatest golfer of our generation found guilty of these allegations would be as disappointing as finding out Lebron James did these things.

And that’s…as I see it!

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