Classy Move by the Minnesota Wild to Bring in Jordan Leopold

As I was driving to work this morning, I heard the heart-warming story of how Columbus Blue Jackets’ defenseman, Jordan Leopold, was traded to the Minnesota Wild before yesterday’s NHL trade deadline. In case you missed it, here are the details as to why this was no ordinary trade.leopold 2

Leopold is a native of Golden Valley, Minnesota, and starred at the University of Minnesota before debuting with the Calgary Flames during the 2002-2003 NHL season.

I am sure Leopold is ecstatic to be coming home to Minnesota where his wife and four children reside throughout the year. It was no secret that both teams knew Leopold would like to return to Minnesota to play so he could be with his young family.

Although the general managers from both teams said the trade had already been approved, the following letter written by Leopold’s 11 year-old daughter, Jordyn, went viral on Twitter shortly after the trade.

The letter was never sent to the Wild. Leopold’s wife, Jamie, said she found Jordyn’s letter on the counter at their home after her daughter left for school one day and “just started bawling” after she read it. Jamie posted it on her Facebook page a couple of months ago, and it somehow made its way to radio station KFAN who read the letter on the air three times.

After returning home to the Wild, Leopold is now with his third NHL team of the season after starting the year with the St. Louis Blues.

I would love to see the 34 year-old Leopold play his remaining years with the Wild and be able to watch his children grow up. Hockey is his job and players don’t always have a choice where they play, but the former Olympian is in the final years of his career and deserves to end his career on his teams. Kudos to both the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets for making this reunion happen.

And that’s…as I see it!

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