Thornton and Wilson Must Keep Disagreeement Behind Closed Doors

A few days back, San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton went public with his anger at Shake’ general manager Doug Wilson. Thornton’s anger stemmed from Wilson telling season ticket holders the team stripped Thornton of his captaincy because it was too much pressure and stress for him to handle.

thornton  wilson

Thornton was not happy when the Sharks took away his captaincy after the team was bounced from the playoffs in the first round after leading the Los Angeles Kings three games to zero. The issue has come to light recently as the Sharks are fighting to even make the playoffs this year.

At a meeting with around 350 season ticket holders. Wilson was asked why Thornton is no longer a captain. Here is Wilson’s response.

“He cares about the game so much. The reason we took the ‘C’ off him … Joe carries the weight of the team on his shoulders and he’s got such a big heart that when stress comes on him, he lashes out at people and it kind of impacts them.

“The pressure and stress, I felt, was getting to Joe. And I sat him down and said we need other players to step up and share this. He got it. He didn’t like it, but he got it and he understood it.”

First off, Wilson did not have to give such a response to the season ticket holders. That kind of information should stay behind closed doors. Wilson could have said it was a decision they made as an organization after reflecting on last season and left it at that.

However, Thornton’s response to the San Jose Mercury News in relation to Wilson discussing the captaincy being taken from him before the season is another no-no in the world of sports.

I think Doug just needs to shut his mouth. I’ve been here every day working hard. I haven’t taken a sabbatical. He just needs to stop lying, shut his mouth.”

While Wilson says Thornton’s response is “a zero issue” with him, these two men must get behind closed doors and talk their differences out. They were both wrong in sharing their thoughts in public. The last thing the Sharks need is one of their top players feuding with management and not bringing his “A” game every night as the team tries to secure a playoff spot after earning a two seed last year.

If their relationship cannot get rectified for the betterment of the team, then I would jettison Wilson and Thornton out of San Jose at season’s end.

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