Tim Tebow Has a Permanent Place in the NFL if he Changes Positions

The Philadelphia Eagles signed former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow to a one-year deal. Tebow is a former 2010 first round pick of the Denver Broncos who also spent time with the New York Jets. He has been out of the NFL the last two seasons.tebow

Tebow has been brought in to compete as the third quarterback in Philadelphia and gives them five quarterbacks on the roster heading into the draft. Pending any further trades it looks like former St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford will be the starter backed up by Mark Sanchez. Tebow will compete with former USC quarterback Matt Barkley and former Toledo quarterback GJKinne.

While Tebow has been working with quarterback guru Tom House, I still believe his best opportunity to stick around in Philadelphia is by letting the coaching staff know he is willing to change positions and be a situational quarterback. Tebow has always had a nose for the end zone.Why not line Tebow up in the backfield or as a tight end? I would bring him in at quarterback within opponents’ five yard line.

In 18 career starts with the Broncos, Tebow threw for 19 touchdowns with only 9 interceptions. He also added 13 touchdowns on the ground. The biggest knock on Tebow has always been his throwing motion and inability to throw downfield which led to his trade to the New York Jets after John Elway signed former Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning.

I have no doubt in my mind Tebow has the work ethic and ability to play in the NFL. He just needs to be willing to switch positons if he wants to stay in Philadelphia or the NFL for that matter.

And that’s as I see it!

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