Solo Remains Focused Amid Ongoing Domestic Violence Charges

Despite having domestic violence charges against her dismissed in January, Hope Solo has recently had the prosecutor appeal the decision. Solo was accused of assaulting her half-sister and her 18 year old nephew after an altercation had ensued at the half sister’s house.solo6

After the charges were dismissed on procedural grounds, Solo discussed the case and portrayed herself as the victim. This supposedly sickened her half-sister and the prosecutor hence the recent appeal. I do find it rather interesting that the appeal has occurred recently as Solo prepared to play in her third World Cup as she represents the United States in Canada.

Solo and her sister have vowed never to speak again as a result of what happened months prior to the domestic violence charge being dismissed. What we do know is alcohol was a factor in the altercation. Both sides are blaming the other, and Solo is angry the media is portraying her nephew as a young teenager when he was 18 and stands 6’8″. She also questions how she would be strong enough to slam his face into the ground.

A report on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” said Solo gave police officers a difficult time and insulted them after they arrived forcing them to take her to the ground. Authorities described Solo as the “primary aggressor” and stated she had been drinking when she arrived at the home.

If the appeal is bothering Solo, she is not outwardly showing it. Solo has been exceptional in net making four strong saves against Australia. Her husband, former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens, seems more upset about the appeal than Solo.

Stevens had this to say about the appeal.

“It is a witch hunt. You can put that in the paper. I think what’s hard is that she’s the victim of something that was really scary and a really unfortunate incident. Being classified even remotely to Ray Rice and these other domestic violence incidents is ridiculous and outright wrong.”

Stevens also went on to express his displeasure with the ESPN report.

“Nothing less than unpatriotic. Low class. Low class. It was super intentional. I don’t know what their issue is personally with Hope, but it definitely feels like they have one.”

U.S. Soccer stands behind Solo despite Senator Richard Blumenthal calling them “tone deaf” in dealing with her situation. Bumenthal also said “domestic violence is unacceptable, particularly for an athlete representing the United States of America on the global stage.”

Sunil Gulati, U.S. Soccer President, says the federation investigated the matter as thoroughly as it could at the time and were limited with contradictory stories from both sides.

Only those who were inside the home at the time of the alleged incident know the truth. A different outcome may eventually come as a result of the appeal. But, for now, Solo is with her teammates hoping to win the first U.S. Women’s World Cup since 1999, and third overall, since it began in 1991.

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