Dez Bryant Deserves Security of Long-Term Deal

Dez caught the ball! Everyone knows it. An absolutely ridiculous rule negated a catch that only few players in the NFL can make. Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant made a perfectly timed leap in the air and came down with the ball as Green Bay Packers’ corner Sam Shields was draped all over him like white on rice. Heck, even Shields said Dez caught the ball.dez7

The ability to make incredible plays like Bryant has done routinely throughout his five-year NFL career is all Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones and his son,Stephen Jones, who is Executive Vice-President and COO need to know when deciding whether to give Bryant the long-term contract he desires and deserves. Yes, the close to 13 million Bryant will make this season as a result of the Cowboys slapping the franchise tag on him is not chump change and is more than the $11,810,500 he has earned throughout his entire NFL career. But what if Bryant suffers a career ending injury this season? The $12,823,000 Bryant is guaranteed to make in the upcoming season would be the last salary he would make in his NFL career.

The Cowboys have rolled out the red carpet for free agent acquisitions Greg Hardy and La’el Collins, so why not take care of your own? We all know that Jerry Jones has often overpaid to retain some of his own free agents in the past, but most of these guys were towards the end of their careers and Jones felt a certain loyalty to them. Well, Bryant is just entering the prime of his career and has many strong seasons left.

It is in the best interest of all parties for the Cowboys to sign Bryant to a long-term deal with more guaranteed money so he has financial security beyond this season. First off, the Cowboys cold reduce Bryant’s cap hit and spread his signing bonus over the length of the contract. Secondly, Bryant is the emotional leader of this team and the offense revolves around him. The Cowboys should not take a chance on calling Bryant’s bluff on sitting out the season opener if a long-term contract cannot be reached by 4 pm on July 15.

All Bryant wants to do is play football. He is doing the right thing sitting out minicamp for fear of risking an injury. He showed his commitment to the team by showing up at AT&T Stadium for the final practice before the start of training camp. This came just a day after Bryant tweeted about his contract and stated he would not have security beyond this season.

Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett was thrilled to see Bryant at minicamp even if he was only on the sideline playing catch. Garrett reported that Bryant has yet to sign the franchise tender offer so maybe there is a glimmer of hope the team and Bryant can reach a long-term deal that makes both sides happy.

And that’s as I see it!

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