What Was Diddy Thinking?

Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested following a fight with Sal Alosi who is the Strength and Conditioning football coach at UCLA.  Diddy became angry with Alosi who tossed his son, Justin Combs, out of the afternoon training session as players prepare for the upcoming season. diddy

The younger Combs is a 5’7″ redshirt junior who has played in seven games his first two seasons on the team. It is said that the elder Combs is usually in the stands watching practices and games, but was not there when Alosi tossed his son out of the training session.

Justin Combs returned to the training office with his father who supposedly burst into Alosi’s office while he was on the phone. Alosi asked Justin to get his father out of the office before asking two interns to remove father and son. Alosi held his hand up in a non-threatening way, at which time Diddy walked into Alosi’s hand with his chest and told him not to touch him.

Diddy was arrested on an assault charge with a deadly weapon as he allegedly swung a kettlebell weight at an intern. Combs allegedly also made terrorist threats and was released on $50,000 bail. He says he swung the kettlebell in self-defense.

The story has been reported from the UCLA perspective, but supposedly there is a video out there that is almost certain to make its way to TMZ.

Regardless of what truly happened, it is not in the best interest of Justin Combs to have his father fight his battles. If Justin is an undersized player who has not played much his first two years, he should be working as hard as he can in the offseason to get stronger and put him in the best position to earn more playing time.

Combs was the perfect example of a helicopter parent- one who feels his/her child can do no wrong and blames others for any shortcomings.

UCLA will also have another son of a famous rapper on the team this year. Cordell Broadus, son of Snoop Lion, is a heralded receiver who signed with the Bruins over his father’s favored choice of the USC Trojans.

We are all still waiting for the full story to come out on this situation. For Diddy’s son’s sake, hopefully he will still have an opportunity to play for the Bruin’s despite this unfortunate incident involving his father and a member of the coaching staff.

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