Giants Brass And Fans Aren’t Down With JPP After Fireworks Fiasco

Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive end for the New York Giants, must not have been thinking straight on the 4th of July when he injured both hands setting off fireworks in Florida.

jppFirst off, most fireworks are illegal in the state of Florida and police were investigating the incident. They have since decided not to file charges against the All-Pro who was franchise tagged by the Giants.

Secondly, JPP has been working on a long-term deal with the Giants that has since been taken off the table due to the injury he suffered. At this point, the extent of Pierre-Paul’s hand injuries are unknown, and it is up in the air if he will miss significant playing time.

Pierre-Paul is set to make 14.8 million this season if he plays on the one year franchise tag salary that he has yet to sign. At this point, the Giants could rescind the franchise tag and try to sign Pierre-Paul to a cheaper one-year deal. It seems unlikely JPP would agree to such a deal. What we do know is he will not be getting a long-term deal as the Giants pulled a 60 million offer off the table because they do not think that is in the best interest of the franchise based on Pierre-Paul’s decisions.

I am all for having fun, but I am not a 26 year old defensive end coming off a career high 12.5 sack season looking to make bank as is the case with JPP.  These athletes need to be smarter with their choices. Playing football is Pierre-Paul’s livelihood, and he could have cost himself millions of guaranteed dollars.

How things will turn out for JPP is anybody’s guess. The team could decide they are no longer down with JPP and cut him outright if the injuries to his hands include nerve damage. Maybe Pierre-Paul’s tale will make more players conscious of their decisions even if it may seem innocent. When you are a professional athlete, your health is your top priority.

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